Ted Bundy’s dental impressions.

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"What’re your interests?"


"Serial killers and crime."

*Awkward silence*

Happens all the time.

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me every fucking time…


me every fucking time…

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This is a unique photo of a serial killer on the prowl, long before his capture.

It was taken in the summer of 1974, on the day Bundy abducted two women from the Lake Sammamish park in the photo to rape, torture and kill them.

Bundy was accidentally photographed sitting in his Volkswagen parked under a tree, right where he had tried to lure a different girl earlier. She trusted her instincts and evaded him. Later she was able to describe the car and the location to the investigators; in a stroke of luck, they located an accidental snapshot of the car on that very day.

Shockingly and disappointingly, his license plate had been obscured by a police patrol car - the troopers were there because of a drunken biker gang, and traffic had been blocked due to the incident for a while, cutting off Bundy’s way out. Bundy appears to be waiting for the road to clear, sitting inside the car on a hot day. The photographer had been taking a snapshot of the police intervention, and unknowingly caught the man inside the car instead.

Shortly before the execution Bundy saw the photo. He quickly started denying that it showed his car - but Detective Keppel, who interviewed him in his death row cell to catch some last-moment information, did not pay much attention to Bundy’s denials; instead, he noticed that the killer immediately recognized the photo and the place, and rather than wonder about it for even a second, he nervously rattled out the reasons why there “had to be many light colored VW bugs” in the park on that day.

Years later, Keppel said: “If it was possible to raise his stress level at that point, I could tell the photograph did. He attacked the evidence like the attorney he had always wanted to be.”

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Yo Tj, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but


Ted Bundy had one of the best escapes of all time.

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Ted would walk me out to my car at two in the morning when my shift was over, and he’d say ‘Ann please lock your doors, I don’t want anything bad to happen to you on the way home’. Well, I’d just been locked up with probably the most dangerous man in the western states!”Ann Rule 
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Me: I’m really interested in serial killers and school shooters.

What people hear: I’m Hannibal Lecter and I’m gonna kill and eat you and your whole family.

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On December 30th, some time after Ted Bundy did this interview, he escaped from his prison cell.

Oh Ted, you manipulative bastard.

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On October 2nd, 1975, Carol DaRonch along with Jean Graham and a friend of Debby Kent’s were asked to view a line-up of seven men, one of whom was Bundy, at a Utah police station.

Investigators were not surprised when Carol DaRonch picked Ted from the line-up as the man who had attacked her. Jean Graham and a friend of Debby Kent’s had also picked Ted from the line-up as the man they had seen wandering around the auditorium the night Debby Kent had disappeared.

Although Ted repeatedly professed his innocence, police were almost positive they had their man. Soon after he was picked out of the line-up, investigators launched a full-blown investigation into the man they knew as Theodore Robert Bundy.

movie scene from: The Deliberate Stranger

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"I am at a stage in life, an egocentric stage, where it matters only that I understand what I am and not what others may think of me." —Ted Bundy, serial killer.


"I am at a stage in life, an egocentric stage, where it matters only that I understand what I am and not what others may think of me." —Ted Bundy, serial killer.

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Some self portraits from the summer

by Francesca Williams

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Had a photoshoot with the ever awesome Scarlette today. Afterwards we had tea at one my fave tea spot in Manhattan. Photos to come soon

Today was so much fun!

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Hannah Snowdon for Oh My Love London

"I love anything inspired by Wednesday Addams. She’s got the right attitude when it comes to boys. At least some of them."

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Celia is a real life painting!

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